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Home Security

  • 1. Determine what your needs are. Look at your garden front and back, doors and doorframes, windows and even the shed door.
  • 2. Determine which small steps you can take in order to make entering your chubb5lever1home more difficult for the would-be burglar. The doors on your home are only as good as the locks you fit them with. Prune overgrown trees and bushes, install longer screws into the strike plate of your door, install window locks and a good quality shed lock. SEAMD520C1
  • 3. Consider lighting. Would your home benefit from the installation of motion sensing lights?
  • 4. Determine where door and window alarms should be installed. Then determine whether a wired or battery powered system would be easier for you to use.
  • 5. Determine who will be monitoring your system. Do you want to have a system that you control and monitor or would you benefit from a system that is monitored by a home security company? If you choose to use a home security service, determine which company would best suit your needs and your budget.wcct3-k1
  • 6. Decide whether or not you wish to use surveillance cameras. Will you use cameras outdoors? Indoors? Will you have the footage monitored or will you control it yourself using your computer? Of course, you'll need to determine the placement of the cameras.

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