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Pest Control

Rats - a danger not only to your health, but to the health of your family. Rats tend torat1 come in packs and multiple rapidly. With the average rat living 2-3 years, they prove a long lasting danger if not treated early. In this tip, we will show you some quick tips on how to deal with your rats.


  • 1. Rat traps. You can buy these at your local Expert Hardware Store. There are a200911151 variety of choices that include poison, and the classic snap trap. I would recommend you use the snap trap then the Poison, but the classic trap is the best to start with. There are humane rat traps for those who dislike killing animals. Ask at you Local Expert Hardware for more details.

    2. If you don't like to use poison or traps all our stores have the very lates in plug-inPC_30001 Pest Clear technology starting with the Pest Clear 1000 ideal for 1 room, Pest Clear 2000 for a homes with 2-4 bedrooms and the Pest Clear 3000 for homes up to 6-6 bedrooms.

    3. Throw out your bins. This will prevent rats from further being attracted to your area. Don't leave bins lying outside either, rats love this.

    4. Seal your food. Don't leave your food lying around. Rats can make their way around your kitchen. They will not only eat your food, but will also defecate and urinate on your food. This can have fatal consequences to your family. Buy containers to put things such as rice and cereal. Most containers are rat proof.


    For more advice on Pest Control just ask at your Local Expert Hardware Store.







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