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Leaking Gutters?

thompsons instant repair

Fixing a leaking gutter does not have to be a big expensive job. Why not use Thompsons Sprayable Instant Repair.
Thompson's Instant Repair
Quickest and easiest way to stop leaks 
Hydrophobic formula displaces moisture to ensure tight bond to the surface 
Spray applicator delivers instant, accurate repairs 
Can be applied in adverse weather conditions 
Contains a scrim bandage for larger cracks and repairs
Available at your local Expert Hardware Store


Expert Hardware on the Today Show

Expert Hardware appeared on the RTE Today Show from October, 2013, to March, 2014. To catch up on the past clips and Alan's top tips that he discussed in the shows, take a look at our blog (Click 'Check it Out' button).

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alan today show

Donegal Pens

Ireland’s youngest entrepreneurs succeeded in securing funding thanks to the support of Expert Hardware. 


After failing to secure state grant funding or bank loans to expand their successful start-up business due to their young age, Expert Hardware offered to fund the development of a new workshop and equipment upgrade.

Donegal brothers Ronan aged 14 and Conor aged 11 set up Donegal Pens in September 2010. Since then they have successfully etched out a market for their hand crafted wooden pens, their pens are individually turned, polished and waxed in their workshop at Loch an Iúir. With plenty of sales they set about expanding their business, but unfortunately were too young for any state grant support or bank loans to enable them upgrade their equipment and build a new workshop to continue growing and expanding their business.

But as luck would have it, on hearing the young entrepreneurs funding difficulty on Morning Irelands radio show, Alan Grant of Expert Hardware contacted Eoin McCarvey, the young brothers father to offer financial support to allow them build their new workshop and upgrade their equipment. The team at Expert Hardware have not only offered their funding outright, they have also offered to provide marketing and mentoring support to the young brothers and entrepreneurs.

You can buy the pens in your local Expert Hardware Store. For store locations click here

Recommended By Expert Hardware


We are asked on a daily bases by our customers to recommend products that we would use ourselves. So we have launched the New Recommended by ExpertHardware sticker.

If you see this sticker on a product in one of our stores it means the following.

  1. The store owner has tried and tested the product.
  2. The product delivers great results.
  3. It is made to the highest quality.
  4. The product meets all industry standards.
  5. Good value for money.

Chimney Balloons

Can I do something to stop these losses and save myself money? Is there an affordable solution? The answer to both questions is YES. Simply fit Chimney Balloons to all your fireplaces and start saving money on your heating bills by chimney20balloon20crop1stopping heat loss and reducing the amount of fuel and energy you use to heat your rooms.

Such a simple solution to an age old costly problem. They will save energy and reduce your CO2 emissions by considerably reducing the amount of energy you use to heat your home, thus helping you make significant savings on your home heating bills. They are a safe, easy to use, inexpensive and highly efficient way of solving all the problems caused by having a chimney. Being an all year round product, they are designed to be left in place for long periods of time and are expected to last for a number of years if not mistreated so you can save money all year round on an on-going basis. Simple.

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